Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Everyone's a writer these days

     It's about the romance, I suppose. The image of a scarf-wrapped bohemian, sitting in the window of a small coffee shop with papers, laptop and cups of loose-leaf tea in from of them. There's a draw to the 'look at me, I'm creating' type lifestyle.

     And of course, if you are infected by the disease of words there is nothing you can do but write. Because if you don't, if you keep your fingers still, the words will vomit themselves up all over your life. You'll have words in between you and your lover in bed at night and words teetering in corners, threatening to bury children scurrying about like little mice. Pasternak knew...there is no life without words. So life must be words.

      Where does that leave the writers who write simply for the love of words? Those coffee shop settlers who carry a notebook and tattered thesaurus with them at all times, they keep words exciting. They bring about new ways of looking at the masters of our art through the world of blogs, ezines and articles. They journey to open mic's, discussion groups, critique classes and symposiums. Their eager minds accomplish what most seasoned souls refuse...improvement. Because of that, through them the art of writing is safe. Through them, the world of words keeps growing exponentially and they fully understand that knowledge is key.
     So keep writing, you young Starbuck's stargazers. Continue tapping and draining those cups, you dreamy Dunkin' dwellers. The world has made a beautiful space for you to refine your art.

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