Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Young Writers to Follow Book Launch

It's time!
10:30-12:00, Saturday, December 15th 
Fort Walton Beach Library
185 Miracle Strip Pkwy. SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Our Executive Editor, Susan Lewis, will host the Book Launch for the 2018 Young Writers to Follow Tri-County contest winners. Come to show your support for these incredibly talented young writers or meet Mrs. Lewis. If you cannot attend, and wish to purchase extra copies, you may do so HERE. The winners names and titles of their pieces are as follows:

Tempest Makey--25 lines from suicide notes and love letters...
Lori Miller--Shadow
Tom Rahn--Equality
Caleb Kimes--The Golden Senses
Tramendus Hollins--My brand new toy is a sad soul
Kayla Craft--Welcome to Tate
Cassidy Bassett--The Wall
Isabella Olivares--What you TRULY are...
Emma Jowers--Faith in Society
Jakeane Foster--Soul Spirit
Lacey Toyne--Pernicious
Kendall Moreland--A Series of Codes
Chase Tolbert--All these Trophies Watching Me
Kyndal Milsted--Silent Thunderstorm 
Kaitlyn Kincaid--Hanahaki Disease
Angelina McCormick--The Pool Incident
Savannah Beaulieu--Sowing Sword-Lilies
Zoe Deer--Underwater
Quinterra Nichols--When I Dance
Joseph Zylak--Half-Breed
Jalena Jarvis--Epiphany
Jaden Carlisle--Flatline
Jada Bard--The Spectral Beast
Giovanni De Lanoy--The Memories of Victor W.
Caitlin Diener--The Void
Brianna Gavenda--Drowning
Anne Marie Willis--That Dragon Hubris
Anna Henry--Same Self, Different Mind
Alison Janetis--Lil' Blue
Abigail Coyle--What Kind of Habit Is This?


Monday, December 3, 2018

"The Stone Mosaic" by Oceola Winslow

living what seems like three lifetimes? Decade after decade spent collecting memories, lessons, knowledge, friends, love and history. Only to then find yourself trying to pick from all of those moments, just a handful of stories to be published? Life lessons you want to leave as a legacy.

Would you write about the time you traveled the world for six months?
Or maybe about riding in the dairy truck, delivering milk with your mother?
No, perhaps it would be more meaningful to capture your depth of faith.
Whatever you think might be most important, Ms. Winslow has written hundreds upon hundreds of stories but she chose carefully for this book.
Because she wants to leave behind small moments of kindness, faith, and the knowledge that you are loved more than you can fathom.

It has been a true joy to work with Oceola.
And we are better people for knowing her.
You'll understand once you read her book.