Saturday, June 23, 2018

Broken to be Whole by Indi Fratarcangelo

A huge congratulations to Indi Fratercangelo on the release of her second book "Broken to be Whole" which is a detailed guide on "finding your way to Jesus" and how "Jesus works within you daily."  A must-have for those who seek to know a deeper faith.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fish Head Soup and Sassafras Tea by Ora Wills

     Proper Publishing is beyond honored to announce the release of Ora Wills memoir, "Fish Head Soup and Sassafras Tea." This book documents, not only, Ora's childhood in Pensacola, Florida, but it also gives first-hand accounts of the social and racial climate at the time. 
     Ora has lived a beautifully unique life and while including us in her triumphs, she also opens our eyes to dark moments that would have remained largely hidden until now.
Take a step back in time, sit down for a bowl of Fish Head Soup and enjoy a cup of Sassafras Tea with Ora.