Thursday, May 23, 2019

National Young Writers Poetry Contest book now available!

Here you go!
Released to the public today and available for purchase HERE, our first book of national young writers contest winners! Contributors copies will be in the mail as soon as we get our first shipment from the printer. 
A HUGE congratulations goes out to all of the contributors, ranging in grade levels from 6th to 12th and the list of names follows. PLEASE GIVE THEM A BIG PAT ON THE BACK IF YOU KNOW THEM!! What an accomplishment!

Luis Morales                                                     
Jennifer Rios                                                   
Dillon Garner                                                 
Marley Patnode                                              
Natalia Yanetsko                                            
Kaylee Prieto                                                   
Olivia Moes                                                    
Haley Santos                                                  
Flynn Martin                                                 
Sara Pope                                                       
Jada Bard                                                       
Brianna Gavenda                                           
Cynthia Kelveena Short                                  
Kendall Moreland                                          
Lena Cai                                                         
Riley Kate Moss                                              
Alejandra De La Cruz                                     
Vivian Valle                                                   
Delaiah Harris                                                
Kristen Harriott                                              
Elise Fredericks                                                 
Alana Miska                                                  
Shandy Ndjigue                                              
Brooklynne Mitchell-Arno                             
Caitlyn MacKay                                            
Raiven Quirk                                                  
Kayla Holland                                               
Maia Lewis                                                     
Rebecca King                                                  
Brandon R. Soto                                             
Hadassah Flagg                                              
Joshua Pless                                                     
Rederria Moye                                                
Sriyah Bostick                                                 
Luna Walker                                                  
Kaylie Crawford                                             
Adriana Zefutie                                               
Martha Otwell                                               
Jade Lewis                                                       
Xavier Scott                                                    
Isabella Cortez                                                 
Isabel Connor                                                  
Paige Davenport                                             
Kyra Sullivan                                                 
Evelyn Cohoon                                                
Julia Adams                                                    
Autumn Tomao                                              
Noel Wiggins                                                  
Sai Neha Nakirikanti                                     
Abigail Moore                                                 
Joseph Zylak                                                    
Anne Marie Willis                                         
Kaitlyn Kincaid                                             
Alison Janetis                                                  
Cedrik Dunlap                                                
Abigail Coyle                                                   
Jaden Carlisle     

Thank you to Jessica Reiser for the use of her photo for the cover image.
Please check out her amazing work @artbyrainereiser                                        

Monday, May 13, 2019

National Young Writers Poetry Contest Book

We have gotten the thumbs up from the printer and will be going through proof copies this week. If all goes well, we are hoping to send out the contributor copies mid-June.