Monday, December 25, 2017

Make your mark

It's easy to feel overlooked in a world that has grown fat on blind ambition. And of course it's easy to feel out of place in a space filled with so many who would rather step on you than avoid confrontation.

If every artist worked to create their masterpiece, every day, their minds would be filled with purposeful-love. Just as any master-craftsman is driven by pure passion, each and every one of us has that same feeling of oneness with something mighty and untapped.

If you yearn to write, or you already write but have yet to begin your magnum opus...why are you waiting? It could take years to collect all of the material or research the subjects but at least those years of your life will be driven by a vision created by/for you. So, why are you putting it off?

Tell your story.
Tell your parents story.
Your grandfathers story.
Write about the letters your Great-grandmother found,
or the man you fell in love with who died in Vietnam.

The story isn't going to write itself. The words aren't going to beg for release. They will simply fade over time. Don't allow that to happen. Give them purpose. Give them a chance to make a difference, so you can look back on a life lived fully and know that you left your mark.
You left behind something tangibly you.
Your legacy.
Your story.