Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Have a lovely holiday...

All of us have been working non-stop the last few months. Late nights, weekends, aching backs and stiff necks. But we've kept all our deadlines and even some that popped up in the middle. 
Thank you so much for another amazing year of stunning writing. Just when we think we've seen the very best...another gem falls into our laps. 
We are going to be away so everyone can recuperate and recharge their batteries.   
We will return on January 6th, refreshed and ready to take on the world again.
Be safe and enjoy your celebrations!
And don't forget...a book makes a great gift!

2019 National Young Writers Contest Book

We are finally here!!
We are waiting for the book to be approved.
Hopefully, we'll get the thumbs up by tomorrow morning and we'll send out a mass email letting everyone know it's available online. If all of the planets align, any books you order through Amazon, should be to you prior to Christmas. The contributor copies will not be going out before Christmas due to the immense load on the postal services. 

Patricia Edmisten's book "A Quiet Beauty"

What an amazing gift it is to be able to work with brilliant people who create such breath-taking works of art! 

Oh, Patricia, we were all so thrilled to help you with this true masterpiece. Filled with stunning photos and writing so rich it simply must be enjoyed with a glass of wine in a deep, comfortable chair. 

We are not worthy of individuals as elegant and loving as Patricia...but my goodness are we grateful she chose to work with us. Congratulations, dear friend.

Congratulations to Anne James!

Massive congratulations go out to Anne James on the publication of her second "Zoo" book, Mystery at the Zoo, which winds up taking place at the Memphis Botanic Garden. It's such a delightful and beautiful book for any parent looking for a lovely story to share with their children. What a joy it was to work with Anne, again. 

We're so happy for you, Miss Anne!!