Monday, October 30, 2017

Do you want to be the next Hemmingway...really?

It's easy!
All you have to do is discover the three simple steps the most successful authors took and you can have your book turned into a movie, too.
All you have to do is buy my easy guide book for five installments of...

Sound familiar?
The people that want to steal your money aren't going to tell you the hard truth, which is you'll never be Patterson or Collins. They are both unique in what they do, having gotten to where they are through hard work and circumstances that range from coincidence to miraculous. But you don't want to hear that. You want to hear that your story is different enough to catapult you into stratospheric stardom. You want to hear that you are different. So, you believe the snake oil salesman that comes with their tales of supreme success. 

But here's one question:
if this individual knows how to write and how to become a wealthy best selling author, why is he peddling a seminar? Why is she selling YOU a book on how to become successful? It reminds me of the question, 'Why do you need to make an appointment with a psychic?' Think about that for a moment. Really think. 

Because they want you to be successful? No. If they really wanted you to be successful, all of the information would be given away freely. These individuals are scamming you in the worst way because not only are they taking your money, they are giving you the worst kind of information. FALSE INFORMATION.

But let me lift your spirits a little bit:
You don't need the snake oil they are peddling.
You ARE different and your story IS unique.
Believe in your work.
Don't believe you have to pay for the privilege of information. 
It is out there for you, all you have to do is search.
Do the work on your own.

1. If your story is still in your head, get it on a word file. Just get it out of you!
2. It's easy to publish your own work if you can't afford a publisher:
    a. Go to, create a free account and follow the instructions to build your own book. It is easy and free. They have a cover creator with several templates to help. Keep in mind, with Createspace, you are in complete control of what is in your book. So you have to put everything within those pages, front cover to back, including the copyright page. Do a little research to ensure you word it correctly. If your work has bible passages, look up the publisher of the bible. Yes, you have to give a specific copyright for bible passages, too.
3. Don't go with a publisher if their terms involve signing over rights of any kind or if your royalties are minuscule. Remember, you did all of the work. Ensure what you get is what you want.
4. If you want to go with a publisher, look in your area. You might be surprised with the number of local publishers and what they have to offer. Plus, meeting face-to-face or talking is always best when it comes to doing business of a personal nature such as writing. Make sure your publisher FEELS right before handing over your work. Ask questions. Look at their previous work. Contact current/former clients. Get to know the type of person/people that will be handling your work. Do your research. Nothing is ever out of your hands and you can always say, "I'm not liking the direction this is going." 

Have questions? Want to know more? Buy our book for...KIDDING!! 
Seriously, if you have questions about a project you are currently working on, shoot 'em our way. We will do our very best to send you in the right direction. This is about getting writers comfortable with what they are doing and happy in the direction they are headed. 

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