Thursday, April 13, 2023

Tom Turner has a conversation with Jesus...

The first two books the Proper Publishing team did with Tom Turner, he kept mentioning a manuscript he had been working on for decades. He spoke to us about how it was based on an actual event. We kept wondering if we would ever see the completed interior. 

Lo and behold, Tom finally brought us THE manuscript and to say we were excited is a massive understatement. We were all blown away by this book.

Working with Tom is always fun but this book was something special. It had a life of its own, a purpose and we could all feel it, which we talked with Tom about several times. All of us knew this was a special project and we were so proud that Tom trusted us with a manuscript so special. 













If your faith is wavering, or if you're wanting to strengthen your faith, this is a must-read! It's the story of one man getting the opportunity to have a conversation with a deity that he understands is Jesus. He asks questions about faith, about life, about death, and about the world we live in...with Jesus answering each and every one. 

Wondering about the answers to those questions?
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